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IKO enertherm BM

IKO enertherm BM is a 100 % CFC, HCFC or HFC free insulation board with a core of hard Polyisocyanurate foam, laminated on one side with polypropylene coated bituminised sand and talc free glass fibre and on the other side with perforated coated glass fibre.

To install bitumen roofing sections using a flame torch: bituminised sand and talc free glass fibre to be applied facing upwards. With synthetic roof sections: perforated coated glass fibre to be applied facing upwards.


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  • Rooftop: flat roof insulation for use with torch-applied bituminous roofing
  • Compressive strength at 10 % deformation: ≥ 150 kPa (15 ton/m²)
  • Behaviour under uniformly distributed loading: class C (≤ 5 % deformation at 80 °C and 40 kPa loading)
  • Closed cells: more than 95%
  • Water vapour diffusion resistance: PIR foam: μ = 60 – lamination: μ > 100
  • Fire class to EN 13501-1: Class F
  • Thermal conductivity: (EN 13165) λD: 0,027 W/(m.K) until 120 mm and 0,026 W/(m.K) from 120 mm
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  • Technical details
  • Fire properties
  • Thermal performance

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