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IKO and elite sports

“Performance is pushing limits”

As a strong brand in PIR insulation, IKO enertherm communicates its strengths to the outside world in a coherent fashion: technology, ecology and quality. Continually pushing the boundaries with respect to insulation value and energy management, and the coordination of all the factors that contribute to top level performance is similar to the approach taken by elite athletes.

Top athletes also have to continually push the limits of their ability, i.e. better times, better condition, more objectives, improved techniques, etc.

IKO enertherm also has to combine its materials, technology and specific properties to form a winning concept. The aim is to attain the right combination of materials, properties, shape, thickness and energy performance as a function of the challenge, i.e. the actual application on the inside or outside of a building

IKO enertherm cyclocross academy

From this perspective, IKO enertherm invests in top sports.

The strategic choice of sports sponsorship – primarily to expand the brand awareness of IKO enertherm – has already paid off in recent years.

The successful cooperation with the cyclocross team has been extended. Specifically, IKO enertherm is the main sponsor of the IKO enertherm-BKCP junior and women’s cycling team with Sanne Cant, Belgian and European cyclo-cross champion, as its main figurehead. Among the elite cyclists, IKO enertherm is co-sponsor of an international group including German Philipp Walsleben, Dutchmen Mathieu and David van der Poel and Czechs Petrus Lubomir and Adam Toupalik.