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Our vision of fire safety

IKO places great importance on the safe and compliant use of its insulation products in the intended building applications. The objective of this appendix is to advise you, as a designer, client or building contractor, on the correct fire safety evaluation of insulation applications.


1. Fire safety requires a holistic approach

In addition to the building design, many factors (including technical installations, building management, evacuation planning, etc.) determine the ultimate fire safety. We refer to the B.I.O. framework of the Modern Building Alliance.

Consult www.modernbuildingalliance.eu for more information about the holistic approach to a fire-safe building.


2. A product-level evaluation is insufficient

The fire reaction of this insulation product is not a measure of the ultimate fire safety of the entire structure or building. In addition to the fire behaviour of the insulation material, fire safety is also determined by other building products in the system and their properties (fire reaction, fire resistance, presence of an air cavity and joints, etc.).

3. Consult and comply with the latest fire regulations

The areas of application indicated on the technical data sheet must be validated by the customer. Always consult the most recent (fire) regulations with a view to a correct and compliant application of the insulation product. The properties required at a product and/or system level are determined, among other things, by the type of application, the building height, the function of the building or room, and the type of building occupation.

4. Base the fire performance on delivered test reports

The insulation products must be installed in accordance with the application conditions from the test report, taking into account the fire safety requirements applicable to the intended area of application and the entire construction. The available test reports are available from your IKO adviser on request.

If you have any questions about this appendix, please contact your IKO advisor.

The IKO Group, which is to be understood as NV IKO, BV IKO and IKO Insulations BV in their entirety and each separately, shall never have any obligation to produce results as regards the indication of the area of application. This information can never undermine the liability of the IKO Group.