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At IKO, the ethos is all about Pushing Limits: we always aim to do better and to pursue innovation.

We are keen to share our newly acquired, valuable insights with you. That’s why we have transformed our training center in Antwerp into the improved ‘IKO Experience Center’. Here, we offer free training and refresher courses focussing on the use of (new) IKO products and techniques.

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The IKO guarantee

1 supplier = 1 responsibility

From top to bottom an IKO roof is completely manufactured and supplied by IKO itself. All IKO products can be seamlessly combined and ensure perfect waterproofing of flat roofs. The complete IKO roof package, installed by an IKO-Certified Contractor, is covered by an insured warranty.

This extensive insured warranty uniquely offered by IKO will provide you a piece of mind that you have a watertight covering. The entire roof is guaranteed to be watertight, and unexpected leaks due to implementation errors are also covered. Since IKO conducts roof inspections during installation, we insure both the products and the installation. This is an additional assurance for the building owner that the claim for damages is valid for 10 years. This guarantee is one of a kind!

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IKO flat-roof waterproofing systems installed by an IKO Certified Contractor are additionally protected with the ALL-IN 10-year-certified IKO guarantee.

Resistance to external fire exposure

The certified top layers in the IKO range meet the European standards for resistance to burning brand test. Depending on the national regulations, they will pass the Broof T1 or T2 tests. Our premium membranes, such as IKO carrara, IKO carbon and IKO pantera can even meet the 4 European tests,.

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Suitable for greywater collection

Using IKO’s roof sealing systems, it is possible to collect and reuse water from a flat roof.


Our factory is equipped with the necessary recycling machines that can process bituminous membranes into new raw materials. These are reincorporated during the production of new roofing membranes.

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