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Application training course introduction bitumen roof (with torching)

  • IKO roofing
  • Bitumen roof
  • Torching: basic techniques + detailing

Start: 8:30 am
Lunch: will be provided
End: 5 pm

IKO Experience Center
d’Herbouvillekaai 80
2020 Antwerp

Prior knowledge required?
Basic experience with the use of a burner is recommended.


  • No separate theoretical introduction provided.
  • The theory will be explained during the practical exercise by the instructor.


  • Instructor demonstrates the installation method with the burner.
  • The student then practises the installation with the burner.

At the end of this training course, the student will:

  • know the various structural components of the flat roof: vapour barrier, insulation and bituminous roof.
  • know how the various layers are combined and are installed with a flame in the various roofing systems.
  • gain experience in the finishing of various roof details.

What to bring with you?

  • Work clothing – please note: you will be working with flames!
  • Suitable clothing is necessary.
  • Steel-capped work shoes
  • Gloves
  • Foldable metre rule
  • Chopping knife
  • Stanley knife
  • Trowel

Application training course introduction bitumen roof (with torching)

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