Peter Genyn strikes again!

Peter Genyn strikes again!

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We at IKO enertherm were stunned as we watched the Rio Paralympic Games last weekend. After his great achievement and winning goldin the 100 metres last Tuesday, Peter has us in aweonce again, as he takes another gold medal for Belgium in the T51 400-metre wheelchair race.

“It was a very tough race”, said Genyn, who holds the world record (1:18.09). “I missed a few strokes at the beginning. That took a lot of energy – energy I lacked at the finish. I could feel the Mexican closing in on me, but luckily I had just enough reserves left to keep my opponents at bay. ”

“Two gold medals – I have reached the top”, the wheelchair athlete continued. “The 400 metres is hell on earth. The first 300 meters are ok, but then you have to keep your fingers crossed that you will make it to the finish line. Today I had less stress than for the 100 metres. There was less pressure because I had already won a medal.”
The 39-year-old Antwerp resident suffers from tetraplegia since 1993. He is paralysed from the chest down. But that doesn’t stop him from practising top-level sports every day. Not only did Peter win in Rio, he even set a new Paralympic record. Therefore, IKO enertherm is incredibly proud to be a sponsor of this TOP athlete who delivers outstanding results.

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