IKO carrara roofing membrane at The Zoo of Copenhagen

IKO carrara roofing membrane at The Zoo of Copenhagen

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The zoo of Copenhagen is the new home to a unique Panda House and 2 new giant pandas. On top of the Panda House, a white IKO carrara roofing membrane has been installed, keeping a nice, clean and stable environment. The pandas and their new home were gifted by Queen Margrethe during her state visit in China in 2014.

On the 11th of April the official opening of the new Panda House took place. The new Panda House was revealed by a ceremony and in presence of the Queen of Denmark as well as the Chinese Ambassador, Deng Ying, and senior officials from China National Forestry and Grassland Administration. You could definitely say that our roof got a royal inauguration.

But why would our carrara roof be a great match for the home of these beautiful animals? Well our roof has multiple advantages that could benefit the pandas as well as the visitors. of all our carrara roof is air-purifying which helps the surrounding environment. Second of all, it also has cooling and reflective assets which is a plus especially during summer.

The house itself was designed by a Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels, he was inspired by the Chinese yin and Yan symbols. The design allows the male and female panda to live apart most of the year, yet in close proximity and with easy access to a common area when the female is in heat once a year.

Welcoming these animals and creating the right home takes time. That’s why the zoo and their employees have been preparing for several months. As we all know, sprawling fresh bamboo is the favorite food resource of these animals. To make sure the two new inhabitants of the Copenhagen Zoo get their favorite food, a new farm in the southern part of Zealand will take care of the food supply of these animals.

To conclude, a visit to the Copenhagen Zoo to see the pandas and their house is highly recommended. Also don’t forget to take a close look at their IKO carrara roof.

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