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IKO powergum

IKO powergum is a waterproofing membrane composed of plastomer (APP) bitumen with fire-retardant properties and a polyester-glass composite inlay. The upper surface is finished with dark slate or talc/sand and the lower surface is protected by a (macro-perforated) thermofusible film. This top layer can be applied in a single or multi-layer system.

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Benefits IKO powergum

  • Fire-retardant
  • Long lifespan > 35 years
  • Extra strong – high penetration resistance
  • Resistance to all kinds of weather conditions
  • Attractive roof finish
  • Ideal for rainwater recovery
  • New building or renovation projects
  • Quadra variant with vapour pressure distributing pane profile, ideal as a refurbishment layer – IKO powergum Quadra AD or IKO powergum Quadra AR
  • Version with MMP finish (macro-perforated polyethylene) for both torching and cold bonding

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Type of roof concept: IKO made-to-measure roofs

IKO powergum is ideal for use in different roof systems. The multiple benefits of IKO’s powergum APP roll are apparent in different IKO roof systems. The various cap sheets, underlays and vapour barriers from the IKO product range can be perfectly combined. Together with the insulation, they are the ideal solution for any roof. You do not need to accept any compromises; the numerous options provided by the IKO range allow you to waterproof your roof as you wish. For a roofer who prefers working with an SBS roll, we offer the range of IKO powerflex rolls.

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